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Different Types of Moves

There are a number of different kinds of moves, so it is important to know exactly what kind of Moving you are going to be undertaking so you can prepare yourself for it in the most efficient way possible.

The main categories that the different kinds of relocations fall under are typically determined either by the size or description of the move itself, or by how far the person or people are going to be traveling to their new home. For example, the different categories are usually designated as follows: there are small moves, Self Service Moves and corporate or office moves, as well as local, long-distance, interstate and international moves. Each of these variations is different, despite sharing some of the same characteristics. However, they require different services and are typically handled by moving companies who specialize in a particular relocation service.

There are two standards that your move must meet for it to be considered Local Move. First, the origin and destination of your relocation must be in the same state. Second, the total distance from your old home to your new home must be under a certain pre-determined amount as designated by the individual company. Most movers' standards, for this second point, fall within a range of under 50 miles to under 100 miles.

Conversely, a move that takes place within state lines, but is still more than 50 to 100 miles is going to be considered a Long Distance Moving.

Any move across state lines, whether five miles or 500 miles, is considered to be interstate.

As its name suggests, an International Moving defines any move that goes from one country to another. In fact, anytime that you cross national borders, even if you are only temporarily going through Canada to get to Alaska, is considered to be an international move.

Sometimes, especially for moves of greater distances, it's best to ship your vehicle to your destination, rather than driving it. You have two options for Auto Transport your vehicle: an open-air trailer or an enclosed trailer.

Small moves are usually for small apartments or dorm rooms. Any relocation that weighs in at 2,000 pounds or less is considered to be of the smaller variety.

Special movers handle your particularly valuable, bulky, and fragile belongings. These specialists will typically take care of items like pianos, pets, plants, artwork and other items that may be difficult to handle.

Corporate Relocation specialists do much more than just pack up your files and desks.

They coordinate the logistics of the relocation to limit interference with business.
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