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We are now in an era that's becoming more environmentally conscious every day. We are able to be environmentally conscious because of the recent developments in science and technology that allow us to see just how our actions affect the environment. However, we continue to consume resources on a large scale as they continue to decrease in quantity. Recycling materials reduces environmental damage and reuses resources. Keep recycling in mind as you move. There is a lot that can be done to stay environmentally conscious both before and after your move.

Most major towns and cities in the U.S. offer many opportunities to recycle. You can find any recycling information you may need, online at You can also check your phonebook or call your local waste management service for information on different types of recycling and disposal facilities in your area.

Through these different resources, you can learn about the appropriate ways to recycle or dispose of different moving materials. There are different procedures for the various types of recyclables. For example, hazardous or potentially dangerous materials need to be handled carefully and taken to the appropriate disposal facilities, while some might be able to be picked up at your house by a recycling truck.

Also, there are many different materials that you may use during the moving process that can easily be disposed of by simply placing them on the curb outside of your house on your town's designated day for pickup.

When you are picking out the moving materials you will use, you should also keep the environment in mind and be conscious of the materials you are using. If you know where to look, you can find many green packing materials that are environmentally friendly.

When it comes time to clean out your old home, you should always remember to recycle. While you're in the process of cleaning everything out, you may come across things that you won't need to take with you to your new home. Old magazines can be recycled with your other paper products, unwanted books can be donated to a local library, and electronics, like computers, can either be donated or dropped off at your local recycling facility. Some of the electronic manufacturers may even accept your old devices and equipment to recycle themselves. These are just a few examples.

Once you've unpacked everything in your new home, you'll have another recycling opportunity. If you've chosen your packing materials carefully, you should be able to recycle almost all of them. Cardboard boxes can be disassembled easily for recyclable pickup. Newsprint and other paper goods you that used to wrap or cushion your belongings should be gathered together into the appropriate paper recycling bin. Finally, find out what day recyclables are picked up in your new neighborhood, so you know when to bring yours out to the curb.

If you don't want to wait for recycling day, you could always drop your recyclables off at a local recycling facility.
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