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Moving Scams and Frauds

When searching for a moving service, you need to be aware of rogue movers. They are companies that do not operate with standard ethical procedures. Since they are unregulated, unlicensed, and uninsured, they have no reason to comply with any industry standards.

Rogue movers may hold your belongings hostage, operate in dangerous or illegal conditions, or demand higher charges after agreeing to much lower estimates.

Unfortunately, many people fall victim to them. With the 40 million Americans that move every year, it is no surprise that so many people are affected by these illegal moving companies. By knowing the warning signs and being aware of the following red flags, you can avoid dealing with fraudulent companies.

Avoid movers that don't agree to come to your home to perform an evaluation of your goods. If a mover insists on only giving you an estimate over the phone, then they might be a rogue mover. By giving you a sight-unseen estimate, they could be looking to make some quick money. A reputable mover would want to take the time to give you a more accurate estimate, rather than have to readjust all of the paperwork on the day of the move. Also, during the in-home estimate, you can see how your movers work and whether they are professional are not. If a company refuses to go to your home before committing, then you will have no idea what their business practices will be like.

Be sure to go to the mover's website before committing to anything. Search the site for the physical address and phone number of the moving company's office. If you can't find any legitimate contact information, then they could be a rogue mover. Also, look for any licensing information about the company. Again, if they don't have this information on their website, you may be better off using a different mover. You should also be skeptical if the company doesn't have a website at all.

Another good way to identify a fraudulent mover is to check for negative reviews. Look the company up on the Better Business Bureau to find if other people have had negative experiences. You could also search online for other reviews about the company. While no company can ever please all of their customers, if there are many negative reviews, it may be best to avoid the company.

If you encounter any of these signs, then Find Right mover. You can also report your experiences to the BBB or the police, if a rogue mover has already run away with your money or possessions. By knowing these red flags beforehand, though, you can avoid the possibility of dealing with scams altogether.
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