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Moving With Pets

Pet lovers know that our pets are very special to us and we consider them to be members of our family. Like their human friends, these animals have unique personalities and particular needs. During the course of their lives, they are likely to experience at least one relocation with their human masters but, unlike plants, you can't just pack your pet up and forget about it. This will often involve planning ahead to make sure that they are as stress-free as possible during their move.

Cats and dogs pose unique moving circumstances. Cats are naturally more attached to their surroundings than they are to people. Before relocating the animal, it needs to be acclimated to its surroundings.

Dogs, on the other hand, tend to be much easier than their feline counterparts. Stay on the same feeding and walking schedule before and after the move. If the new location is close enough, try bringing your dog there ahead of time, and let it walk around. If you are moving somewhere that is close to your old home, feel free to take your dog there ahead of time and allow him to get accustomed to the new neighbor and yard. Helping to acclimate the dog to its new environment will make him feel more comfortable when you finally arrive at the new home. Always maintain an upbeat attitude when preparing your dog for the mood and use a light vocal tone.

On moving day, people are often going in and out of the house and leaving doors open. It's usually best to prepare a room for them to stay during the packing and loading process that is stocked with some food, water and toys for them. Place a sign on the outside of the door for the movers to ensure that the door remains closed throughout the day. This closed environment protects the animal from running away.

If you are flying to your new home, choosing a nonstop flight will cut down on the travel time and make your pets more comfortable. Pets don't typically take too well to flying, so minimizing your time in the air will be most beneficial for them. Check for counter-to-counter services with the individual airlines to make sure your pet is carried on and off the plane by an airline employee, not with regular luggage. The service may be more expensive than other methods of transportation, but it can keep your pet calm and secure.

For other small animals like hamsters, mice, rabbits, snakes and gerbils, they can be carried along with you during your move in a regular manner. Make sure that the pet has a clean cage, enough food, and access to water. If you are afraid that your pet may become agitated during the move, cover the cage with a cloth to make the ride more comfortable.

Avoid playing loud music or letting the car become too warm or too cold, as these fluctuations might cause great harm to such small creatures.
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